Greetings everyone!! My name is Heather Hamilton. I've been training as an athlete for over 20years and as an active trainer for the past 4 years. My training career started from my passion of fitness and staying physically active in my path of life. I first come from a Culinary Arts background in savory and pastry, the struggle is real!!

Fitness and Food go two-and-two with each other. My goal going into Personal Training was to collaberate the two with my culinary knowledge and athlete/trainer experience to provide others the platform to start, make changes, and maintain a healthy lifestyle WITH BALANCE AND CAKE ALONG THE WAY!!!

In all the hustle and bussel, I've been blessed with the opportunity to Assistant Coach High School Softball. Growing up playing softball influenced me to live a healthy lifestyle and to be the best you must train like the best.

Enough about my life back to training!

Excited to be welcomed to the Rise Above Fitness family!! 


- Certified Personal Trainer