Growing up I was a Gymnast and the Captain of my high schools Varsity Cheerleading team, as well as a traveling all-star competition team. Over the years I suffered from a few lingering injuries and after graduating I struggled to find an outlet for my inner athlete and competitive spirit. I ended up joining a gym and I discovered weight training, the more I trained, the more I realized how much of an escape it was for me... I looked forward to that "me" time everyday, where I could put my headphones on, turn off the world and grind. I trained for several years, as it became part of my lifestyle, before I was ever aware of the NPC/IFBB competitive leagues.

Other gym goers would ask from time to time what I was prepping for, so eventually it sparked my interest what they were talking about and I decided to do some research. I found pictures of  figure competitors and I loved their beautifully sculpted athletic physiques, it was then I decided this was something I wanted to push myself for. I made the choice to pick a show and compete on stage. I Prepped myself for my first show in 10 weeks, never having attended one or knowing what I was really getting myself into. I ended up receiving 3rd place out of the 13 athletes in my division, qualifying me to compete nationally as an NPC figure athlete. I went on to compete once more regionally before getting on the national stage. I won the overall for figure in my 2nd show and placed 4th at the USA national championships. I have plans to compete again next Year at the 2016 USA National championships, with hopes of earning my IFBB Figure Pro Card.

Through the process of it all, I've found my passion in the industry through helping and inspiring others. I'm now a freelance personal trainer and also provide hair and make-up services to competitors.

To me It's not necessarily about a trophy, a placing, or a prize. It's about setting goals and surpassing them. It's about discipline,  dedication, and willpower. Reaching deep down and feeling that inner strength you didn't even know you had. It's about structure, putting in the work and following the plan. It's science and I'm a living experiment. It's about being better than my former "best" and proving to myself that I can Rise Above and achieve what I set out to... That's why I do it, and that's what it's about.

- Michelle Lindsay