Wijay started his journey in fitness in 2010 as one of Brandan's clients. Fitness soon became a huge part of his life and he started interning under Brandan so he could learn as much as possible. Through years of experience at Rise Above Fitness, Wijay has put in the time and dedication and has proved himself to be one of the top trainers at RAF.

Wijay specializes in creating client-specific programs designed to improve their overall fitness. As a NASM certificated personal trainer, Wijay has worked with clients starting a fitness program for the first time, as well as collegiate athletes. His programs are based on functional strength, core stability, proper nutrition, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise, fat loss and sports performance training. Wijay is one of the longest tenured trainers at Rise Above Fitness and has the knowledge and experience to help each individual reach his or her fitness goals.

- Wijay


- Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
- American Red Cross - CPR/AED Certified