" I was told to go see Brandan from Rise Above Fitness by my sports doctor after recovering from knee surgery from playing football. I was leaving to go to summer football camp at UNLV in two months and was struggling to get my body and knee back into playing shape. The first thing Brandan did was evaluate me from head to toe. This included taking measurements and videos of me going through some basic workouts and movements. He then developed a custom workout to meet my individual needs. I only had two months to recover my strength and speed. I trained with Brandan four days a week for those two months. Brandan pushed me to get the best out of me and my workouts while always making sure my form was correct. With Brandan’s help and working hard, I left for camp in the best shape of my life regardless of the injury. I seriously encourage anyone who wants to take their workouts to the next level for strength and endurance to see Brandan at RAF. If you’re serious, he can get you to the next level. Thanks for all your help in getting me ready for college ball. " 



" I have always been into various types of exercises trying to get my body into the best shape possible especially after having my two boys. I ran marathons, did various strength training and agility classes, and had various personal trainers. It wasn’t until I met Brandon at RAF and started doing his workout program that I finally achieved the body I had always strived for. The RAF workout program was so convenient to use and it changed every four weeks so that my body was kept challenged and progressing. I was amazed to see how my body transformed each week. I was finally building muscle, loosing inches, reducing my body fat and developing definition on every part of my body. Ultimately Brandon and his team at RAF helped me prepare for and compete in the Titan Grand Prix Figure Competition, which I ended up winning 2nd place in my class. Thanks Brandan!" 



"Training with Brandan and the rest of the Rise Above trainers really helped me in preparing myself going into my second season as professional hockey player. Brandan helped me train certain areas of my body that will push me to be stronger, faster, and more explosive while I am on the ice. He understands how to work with athletes and to get them ready for the upcoming season. I had a great time training with Brandan and RAF and am excited to do it all over again. " 



"Often times working out can be repetitive and boring, this was not the case with Brandan’s programs. Every 4 weeks he would give me a different program and I loved how the change would challenge and test my ability to make me even stronger as well as target different muscles. I loved the minimal usage of machines, instead Brandan taught me non-machine exercises that worked those same muscles better than ever! Brandan gave me the knowledge and taught me the skills to reach my fitness goals. I recommend these programs to anyone whether you are getting ready for a competition like I was, or if you want to shred some pounds and attain that curvy body! Thanks to Brandan, as a woman, I will never be afraid to lift heavy ever again! Thank you xoxo "